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Marian, yep sales are important but sometimes the vision is more important. Not every book or series has to be a hit. That's the great thing about self-publishing. You can write things that might not fit into a box or that might not be a huge seller. Who cares? If you love the story enough that you want it out there then write it and put it out. I would.
I do love all of my stories, but I'm not emotionally invested in making them all part of the same series - and I do care about sales. I don't need the books to be hits, but I want enough sales to cover costs and show a profit.

So my plan is to release M/F Book 1 as a M/F standalone novel, and then publish the other books as an M/M series. I will not link M/F Book 1 to this series, so the only way M/M readers will read it is if they check out my other books and decide to try something that is obviously M/F (and hopefully it won't upset them to discover that I also write M/F).