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Thread: Advice on Show vs Tell - the journey begins

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    A commonly used example:

    Telling: "He was tall."
    Showing: "He ducked under the doorway."

    Of course the writer is telling us things in both sentences, 'tall' and 'ducked under the doorway' are both telling the reader something.

    This is why so many people argue over this critique mantra. I myself, went round and round in my head on this at first because every sentence I wrote 'showing' could still be called 'telling'.

    In my head I get it completely. But I'm still trying to find a way to explain what show more/tell less means that folks can understand the reference is to a specific kind of telling: New-writer telling. (Again, my apologies to folks who hear this in critique about their work but are not newbies. It's not an insult; it's simply a skill to be honed.)
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