I think the confusion about telling and showing is that one has to be clear what one's "showing." For example,

Frank watched Emilia walk away. She wasn't even sorry for breaking up with him. Anger surged through him.

Well, you've *told* two things - Frank watched Emilia, and he considered her actions to be heartless. But what is the author trying to *show*? Perhaps that Frank is unstable, and that Emilia has an excellent reason for leaving his sorry ass as quickly as she can. The author hasn't stated that, but it's a conclusion that the reader may draw, particularly if other evidence is given to support it. Or, with other evidence, it could be that Frank has finally had a revelation that Emilia isn't the wonderful person he'd idolized. But whichever it is, the author hasn't put up a big sign saying "FRANK IS A JEALOUS WOMANHATER!" or "EUREKA! FRANK CAN FINALLY GET ANGRY WHEN HE'S TREATED BADLY!"