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Thread: Advice on Show vs Tell - the journey begins

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    Quote Originally Posted by MaeZe View Post
    I found the best way to learn the concept was to look at examples offered by some very knowledgeable people, both in this forum and in how-to-write books that you find helpful. Take some of the excellent examples in this thread, the descriptions of what 'show more, tell less' means, look at the other threads, and forget the arguments about show, don't tell. That's poor terminology for what the mantra means.
    I have taken away some great advice from this one post and all the replies! And I hope others who struggle with this as much as I have can also learn from this.

    Quote Originally Posted by MaeZe View Post
    It's such an important concept and it frustrates me to read posts dismissing it. If more than one person gives you a critique, "show, don't tell", and you don't understand the concept because everything sounds like telling, make an effort to learn what the critiquers mean and how to conquer the challenge.

    My advice for what it's worth, ignore the distractions. Set out to learn how to show the reader a scene rather than tell the reader what is happening.

    I believe you are welcome to ask general questions in this thread like, "how would you show the weather besides telling us it is raining" as long as you don't put up examples from your work for us to critique. Once you have 50 posts, of course, you can post your actual work.

    Think of something you can tell the reader but you are struggling with how to show the reader. That's where to start.
    Thank you And thanks to the advice of many writers on this forum as well as on reddit and yourself!! I have paid more attention to this technique because of the assistance of everyone.I totally agree with you, a lot of us who write telling something are most likely unaware of it. So when we're critiquing another rather than just say "show-don't-tell", give an example of what you mean because that writer is more likely unaware of it and is not meaning to offend the reader. Sometimes we need a fresh look from an outsider to let us know how our writing is portrayed.

    Eventually I will post up portions of my writing on here for critique, and I also like to reciprocate and provide critique to others as well, though I'm a newbie, and my critiquing isn't at par to most others maybe it can help someone out there who really needs it.
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