I'm assuming you went straight to publishers and skipped an agent or you wouldn't be asking these questions. I'm also assuming you're willing to accept that neither publisher will garner you a significant number of sales or income. If the contracts are identical, or at least balanced in your specific requirements, then my option would be whichever I believed could maximize my sales and income. But that's me, not all authors write for the money.

Otherwise, I tend to favor the one that has the longevity, or at least the prospect of longevity. Worst thing is a one-man shop and the owner is smushed by a runaway beer truck. Best is a larger shop with proven track record, even if they are only starting in your genre.

Starting in 2012 with ten books in a catalog is only two books a year at best. Not a good financial record unless it has stellar sales income from those books. Not doing audio is understandable, it costs much more to produce than an ebook and a small amount more than a printed book.

Yup, my choices would be, in order:

1) Go back and submit to agents.
2) Romance company.
3) Laser focused company.

Be very careful on the contracts and make sure they are legit organizations.