I'm eight books into my s---a---g---a and don't have a clue what the novel titles are going to be (although I have a basic boring idea for the series title).

Just wondering how you chose your titles, especially for multi-book series. I don't even know whether to have them matching (eg. Helpless, Breathless, Limitless) or entirely non-matching and random. In either case, do you pick a theme, use a famous quote (or a play on it)... where to start?! Did you have a thousand ideas to ponder, or did something leap out from the start?

Right now, the only idea I like is for my first book - it's a quote from the book and matches the theme of the entire series - but it may be hard to find similar singularly meaningful snippets from every book. That title is:

Are You Supposed To Be Here?

The only problem is that, to me, that sounds like a YA title. The book is about a teenager but isn't really YA in terms of structure, POV etc. I'm calling it women's lit.