My mother fell and broke her hip (apparently more of a "crack" than a full break). After I was able to get her help by phone (lived in a different province - ack!), she was taken to hospital and surgery performed within about 18 hours. She was kept in hospital about a week, but then sent to a rehabilitation home for several more weeks to recover. If she'd had people to look after her 24 hours a day at home, that might not have been necessary for as long, but she did receive physical therapy to restore her muscle tone.

They sent a woman from social services to inspect the home for safety before she was allowed to return. Loose rugs and furniture you could trip over had to be removed.

Mom told me about how she was frozen but not knocked out for the surgery, and was rather annoyed at the grinding noise as they worked on the bone. She hated the rehab home, because she had to share her room with people who snored quite loudly.

Yes, they did make a BIG thing about getting her on her feet as soon as possible (next day or so).