I've written and self-published a book which is available in the usual ebook and paperback combo. I am noticing even my friends don't want to read it, but when I mention the possibility of an audiobook they get excited and act as if they'd be interested in that. I too have been finding myself to listen to more and more audiobooks lately.

Now, I cannot record the book myself (the main character who narrates the story is an English prince, and for me to read it being female with my American So Cal accent would be perfectly ludicrous.) It's going to run about $2,000 to hire an actor and get it recorded, it looks like. That's a big investment, akin to old-style self-publishing where you used to have to buy a whole print run at once.

So, I'm wondering -- has anyone here done audiobooks? (I believe others have.) Did you see a big boost in sales? Do they outsell the other books?