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Thread: FBI raids Cohen's office

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    FBI raids Cohen's office

    Nothing like this has ever happened before. They must have reason to believe they have something on Cohen. It's hard to believe that Trump could be clean if Cohen is dirty.

    Trump, of course, is getting all frothy and saying this is an attack on America. The man really does sound like a dictator, equating himself with the state. Fox News is casting this as thuggish behavior by a corrupt FBI. Very responsible journalism, that, encouraging people to doubt the veracity of our legal system. This worries me. This kind of talk can incite violence.

    I think the clock is ticking, and Trump's hand is getting smaller. Will he fire Mueller, or distract everyone by starting a war? Constitutional crisis incoming. He'd have to fire Sessions to do this, so he could get a new Attorney General in to fire Rosenstein (since sessions won't fire Rosenstein, and Rosenstein won't fire Mueller--ow, it makes my head hurt).

    My question is, how do we ordinary Americans stand up for sanity? Let our leaders know that we will not tolerate any obstruction of justice. I can write my representative and Senators, but they are all Democrats anyway and already agree with me. One thing we can do is write the Speaker of the House and Senate Majority Leader, demanding that they grow some nads and stand up for the rule of law.
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