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So I've got a major character who's aro-ace. I want to avoid saying this outright, as it's not remotely important to her as a character (that is, she doesn't care) and she's also 14 which is young enough that it'd be perfectly normal to assume she's just a slow bloomer, but I do want to make it identifiable (readers go "I think she might be aro and/or ace!"). Am I making sense?
This is difficult for a 14yo character, but is there anyone who might be interested in her romantically (eg a playground crush) who could know that she's ace-aro? Or is there a parent or other adult figure who might recognise her ace-aro inclinations?

I have an ace character in my current WIP, but she's an adult woman and there's a character who's pining after her and gives her plenty of opportunities to clearly say "Not interested in you, not interested in anyone, okay bye".

Even if she didn't say as it, pining romantic is a PoV character and we get to see his thoughts. He's well aware she's asexual and states it clearly in his chapters.