I was coming back from a trip to Anchorage for work, and decided to stop by Barnes and Noble to pick up a magazine or two in case I was unable to sleep inflight (ended up not happening - zonked out in minutes LOL)... Anyway, long story short, when I was in the store, I saw a literal cornucopia of magazines that seemed to fit into several different areas - some looked as though they were quarterlies published with short works, others seemed geared to be guides or articles on how to write better, write for a certain market, etc. Here's just a short list of some that stuck out visually to me:

Writers digest
Poets and Writers
Tin House Candy
Asimov Science Fiction
Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction
Idler -The Art of Living
Alfred Hitchcock mystery magazine
Mystery Science
Writers Forum
Writers Chronicle
Barrow Street
Space and Time
The Writer

Any magazines others subscribe to as a part of their practice in writing/reading/research, etc?