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Thread: I have no idea how to edit.

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    Hi Maggie!

    If you are familiar with reddit, you can make an account and subscribe to a subreddit (which is basically a group or forum that specializes in something). I use /writing and /fantasywriting. In these subreddits you are able to critique and be critiqued. A word of advice on this, the critiquing is randomized in the sense that sometimes some people only critique one page, other times they'll critique the entire chapter. There are pros and cons to this. I personally try to use it to my advantage because if someone is only reading the first page that usually means I have not gained their attention. So it makes me work harder to get their attention. I have actually had some of the best critiques on reddit but it's not always that way. Though I am unable to find a good critique partner on there.

    Another way to help yourself edit your own work is to read it out loud. I will usually start rewording my sentences just because it doesn't sound good when read out loud. I also hate ugly sounding words and try to avoid using them the best I can only using them if there is no other alternative. Editing plot holes is a bit trickier, usually others who critique your work point out plot holes or certain aspects that doesn't make any sense.
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