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Thread: The 2018 (First Ever!) Sequel Solstice: A Midsummer Night's Game!

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    Same as the old Doge Kjbartolotta's Avatar
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    May 2014
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    Raakael's Basilisk by Albedo

    *Injects story in vein*

    Yeah, I'm an Albedo fan, this one definitely brought the darkness, surrealism, originality, and philosophical heft that I crave. The story's darkness is cut with a perceptible humor, especially near the end as Raakael turns out not to be as absolutely in control as he perceives. A bit of Iain Banks, a bit of M John Harrison, and totally original and weird. I'm kinda jealous now, if I'm gonna keep participating in contests feature The Vulture, I'll have to up my game.

    Rating: Seven Hundred Sixty Seven
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