Fell down some rabbit holes this week, especially this weekend, so not a whole lot of progress again.

I also don't think I'm going to finish both books (they're longer than I thought when I optimistically put them both on there).

[ ] Give away the give-away pile
[-] Go through my books for ones I can give away or sell
[-] Go through my clothes for stuff I can give away
[-] Finish reading Coyote Kings for the AW Reading Challenge
[-] Read A Fine Balance for book club
[ ] Pull together draft of short story for next Alphabet Anthology and finish
[-] Finish Camp Project (novella revision)
[X] Edit every day: Week 14
[X] Edit every day: Week 15
[ ] Edit every day: Week 16
[ ] Edit every day: Week 17
[ ] Edit every day: Week 18 (April portion)