All right, I'm back online!

Keithy: Decisions, decisions. Luckily, multi-POV or mono-POV won't necessary derail anything in the first draft all that much, although you might run the risk of having a bit of crisis of who the MC is if one starts dominating the other. My book I had changed from third person to first (with an entire draft written). So, even if your choice bites you in the butt. it shouldn't be that terrible of a mistake.

Taylor Harbin Glad you enjoyed your weekend and met your quota. Striking a balance between work and fun is so hard to find when friends and relatives visit.

Layla Nahar: Luck (and skill) favors the prepared! Isn't it so satisfying to go to bed with everything you need to grab in the morning in place? Even with a skip day, you definitely had a productive weekend! Congrats on 3/3!

April Swanson: Improvise, adapt, overcome! It's motivating to see you not letting RSI get in the way of your productivity! Congrats on 800 words, and I hope your pain settles down soon! Good luck this week!

Lakey: Hang in there! There's always a pothole (or more accurately, a ditch) that gets us off track and questioning the piece as a whole. Don't let it consume you. If you feel like your running in circles, move on to the next part of the project. Take a break before that too if needed. After a certain point most problems can't be won over by brute force in writing. A clear mind, however, can put you back in the right track. I have complete faith you'll figure it out when the time is right!

D.L.: We're rooting for you! Do you know if you're on pace to meet that deadline or do you need to play catch-up? And don't go overboard to try and meet it. Recognize if and when you're struggling too much or worrying too much to make it. Still, good luck!

Will Collins: Nicely done! 1k for 4 days and counting is awesome!

DanMorrison: Congrats on 314 and solving that problem! It's so great when things actually untangle finally after they've kept you stuck in a knot for who knows how long!

This weekend was super tough. I had a few problems at home, and I've been super nervous and depressed from personal issues (physical and social). I had written 200 words on Friday, but really collapsed thereafter, so didn't have the energy to muster posting here then, and its bit a scramble to get studying in for a test tomorrow since. I'm not exactly okay today, but I've chipped away at things. I broke through a nagging problem of logistics in my book that had to do with swords (it was uncommonly difficult because it involved reworking a little bit of details from book #1), and I finished Chapter 8 with 1k words today. I've got class tonight, and homework for that class before even that, but I really wanted to check back here because you guys rock and I wouldn't be half as far in my second manuscript as I am now without these threads. Take care of yourselves tonight!