Lakey: Hug. Would some time away from it help?

D.L.: Good effort! You’re really pushing yourself. Fingers crossed Life stays out the way for the next fortnight…

Will: Nice job.

Dan: Ah, the joy of having multiple WIPs to shift between!

xenylic: Big hug. Never mind us – you take care of you. You’ve got so much to deal with at the moment so please be gentle with yourself. Good luck with your test.

Layla: Cool, will do. I’m going to carve out time this week to properly start. I do have one quick Q now though about verbs: do they distinguish for tense? When I see the rules of other languages it drives home how mental English is.
I totally understand your mystery problem. The latter half of 2017 was filled with my own half-started manuscripts. I could do all the setup in the world, but then the wheels would come off. Do you plan ahead? Sometimes that can help. As for the nasty critical voice, you’re doing the only thing that can be done: ignore it and push through with blind faith! No wonder writers drink so much…

Keithy: Music? How intriguing!

thereeness: Woo! So, do you sketch everything out by hand first?

Decent day yesterday. Walked 12 miles (I’m 77 from Hobbiton – still a loooong way to Rivendell!), worked on my outline and tightened some of the underlying structure. I had to keep reminding myself that outlining is writing, too. My brain is still clinging to the broken idea that drafting is the only part of the process that counts. Now I’ve got to develop the main plot points; I want to have them finished by the end of the week so I can switch back to my other project. (My original April goal has gone flying out the window!)