@Allesandra - Welcome to the insanity! We have cookies

@Taylor - Yesh, squeeze those words in whenever you can, cause life looooves throwing curveballs >.>

@Keithy - Ooooo, another POV character? Will it be the love interest? A mentor? A bff? I mean, if you fall into temptation, don't let me talk you into it...>.> Also: just keep swimming, just keep swimming...*Hums.*

@Layla - Whoo! That's awesome you managed to get some writing time in between doing all the productive, adulting stuff. Kudos to you!

@April - I know, right?! Where is the month going? And why isn't it spring yet? (We got a blizzard going on up here.) Grats on getting those 800 words in!

@Lakey - *All the hugs* I'd say, if you keep getting stuck, perhaps moving past that scene might help? And hey, getting anything on the paper is a good thing, imo. As I always say: Can't fix what's not there. Good luck!

@DL - That's a good stretch of time to get some work done. You can do it, but be mindful of the pressure. Don't hesitate to take a breath, a walk, grab a glass of wine (or some chocolate), because a deadline means diddly if you kill yourself to make it.

@xenylic - Ugh, I'm sorry you collapsed like that >.< It's terrible when your energy just drops like a lead balloon and nothing gets done, but I'm glad that you're finding the strength to break through. Even a little bit is something to be proud of. And grats on finishing a chapter! That's awesome!

As for me? Well, it's the wee hours of Day 17 and I've cracked another milestone. Act 2, Part 1 is fully transcribed from my notebook! This includes the first pinch point AND the midpoint fight scene and I tell you, that was a freaking doozy to draft (although it's going to be really damn fun to write!)

Transcribed 5300 words, for a total word count of 14,700 for Act 2, Part 1.

For reference, Act 1 as a whole was 7,700 words >.>

And now, on to Act 2, Part 2!