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Thread: Cover for SciFi book

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    Cover for SciFi book


    <deleted - updated image below>

    Back cover description:
    Liam Collins never wanted to be a hero or save humanity; he just wanted to be left alone.

    After centuries of war and climate change, the world’s nations have fallen and civilization is on the verge of collapse. Within what was once the state of Colorado, only two walled city-states remain. In the south, Pike City is at war with a loose confederation of rebellious tribes ensconced within the Rocky Mountains, while in the north, Flatiron City strives to remain neutral by selling weapons equally to both sides.

    Liam works in Flatiron City developing the technology that is bartered to keep the peace. But his simple life and the delicate balance his city maintains abruptly falters when astronomers predict an impending solar flare that will end all life on Earth.

    Under threats of torture and death, Liam is forced to work on an ambitious project to prevent complete human extinction by allowing an elite few to escape to the stars. But should only the worst of us be allowed to survive or is there a more radical option? Working alone against an entire army puts Liam in an untenable position where he must battle brute force with strategy. As he slowly draws and executes his plans, he wonders, is losing our humanity in the effort to save our species too high of a cost to pay?
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