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First off, your background does not matter AT ALL. Everyone has unique experiences and you can do things that I'd be clueless about (and vise versa). The real question is, what can you do that kids need to learn? Or to put it a different way, how can you write a publication that's already been written by many others and make it stand out? Whatever that answer is....that's where you start.

I mainly replied to share a quick story though- I was on a cruise last year and met a couple that wrote children's books for a living. And when I asked them who their publisher was, they informed me that everything they did was self-published. That got me asking a thousand questions because as a copywriter, they were an amazing glance at a completely different world of writing. To make along story short, they explained that they didn't strictly sell books to make money....that was their secondary income. Their main source was writing high schools and asking to do a presentation on whatever topic at no cost to the school...all they had to do was apply for a specific grant and the government would pay them for appearing. The grant paid like $1,200 per school visited, so once they got one school interested they'd spend the next few weeks contacting every other school in the area within 100 miles.

Then they'd hop in their car, drive to wherever the bookings were, collect thousands of dollars from the government and then they'd send each kid home with a form saying how to purchase their books online. This couple was making CRAZY money and travelling the country basically for free, and the checks from the government just keep showing up week after week. They'd do this 8 months out of the year, spend the other four months on vacation writing more books on anything going on it society that kids need to know about.......they had an awesome, awesome life.
Well, that's disgusting.