I'm just really tired of the cliques among writers, particularly popular writers.

I just feel like, when I've had friends that were in the trenches with me, all of us running towards the same goal, then we'd be able to keep supporting each other. But what happens when one blows up and suddenly pushes you aside because you don't sell enough books?

I just find more and more that you've got this circle of authors who are all popular, have lots of fans, get on the NYT, get the biggest interviews at the biggest cons or on the biggest shows and so they all kind of gas each other up and pretend to be the best of friends while little nobody writers like myself get treated like just another adoring fan celebrating whatever huge achievement they've achieved recently in their mentions.

I guess part of it is jealousy. You see how differently these authors are treated by bloggers and other people in the industry. But I just think the hierarchy hurts. I hate feeling like I'm just not important enough to associate with.

I guess it just burns away at my confidence bit by bit. All I ever wanted to do was write for the fun of it. I had no idea that getting published would bring all these little emotional challenges that feel more like what I experienced in high school sigh.