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It's a pretty amazing thing, all around, to have it this close. I live in the area, but not in PA 18 (I'm in old 12, new 17) but the get out the vote movement for 18 was stunning.
Was PA one of the places where the voting machines do not provide a "receipt"? Or was that just particular districts? (I'm having some kind of recollection, but I could be way off.) I ask because this is sure to be a recount situation. Just wondering about the logistics.

Lamb's election sure highlights the folly of the Purity Test. He's certainly a conservative democrat (although not even close to how the GOP are spinning this, that he's basically a Republican in Dem clothing), but a liberal D couldn't win in this district. He has to be IN the house to test how he will vote on any particular issue, and I'd rather take my chances on a conservative D than an uber-conservative R.

I hope the vote count holds up.