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Thread: "I resent the fact of the doors." - Ryan Zinke

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    "I resent the fact of the doors." - Ryan Zinke

    *Story does not involve Jim Morrison.


    It is real; that's an AP story involving a sitting U.S. senator questioning, in front of reporters, cabinet member, Secretary of the Interior, Ryan Zinke, about expenditures in light of his decision to raise entry fees to national parklands.

    Sen. Maria Cantwell of Washington asked Zinke if it was a mistake for him to spend $12,375 on a late-night trip in June from Las Vegas to his home state of Montana on a private jet.

    “Well, first, insults and innuendos are misleading. I never took a private jet anywhere,” Zinke said, adding that all three flights he had taken on private planes as secretary were on aircraft driven by propellers, not jet engines.

    Zinke also referenced a report last week by The Associated Press that the Interior Department is spending nearly $139,000 to upgrade three sets of double doors in his office at the agency’s headquarters.

    “I resent the fact of your insults, I resent the fact they’re misleading, I resent the fact of the doors,” Zinke said to Cantwell, the tone of his voice growing sharp. “And I’ll go through line by line. ... To allege that it’s a private jet is inappropriate, ma’am.”...

    Records show he also spent more than $53,000 on three helicopter trips last summer, including one that allowed him to return to Washington in time to take a horseback ride with Vice President Mike Pence.
    Bolding mine.

    These are not insults and innuendos, you massively moronic, pathetic, twit. They're questions you should answer as a public fucking servant.

    He didn't take a private jet because it didn't have a jet engine.

    He resents the fact of the doors?


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