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It might happen and it might not. I've not seen more sales at lower prices, which suggests that if people want it, they don't see a whole lot of difference between $0.99 and $2.99. If the price drop is part of a big promotion campaign, that might make a difference. But as a regular price, what you might see is that you make the same number of sales, but get paid less.
Yeah, it's tricky. Because I lowered my book to 99 cents, it allowed me to advertise on discounted websites, which have given me over 70 sales and around 1,000 pages read every day. I can't be sure these people would have been able to see my book had it not been for the marketing I paid for. But like you said, who's to say they wouldn't pay full price with no issue?

I think I'm switching it back to 2.99 tomorrow to test it out for a bit.