Hello to all current and equally new members.

I have come to join (invade) your forums in hopes of finding a sort of a community feeling I have not felt in years.
Likewise, writing is something I have not done in years either, nor have I read any books.
To sound the part of the tragic heroine, I lost my ability to perform these hobbies, but not my love for them, to depression.

I aim to take it back.

When I was able to write, I focused on dramatic tales that could take place in any era.
My characters are my strong suite, they are able to invoke strong feelings from my readers and turn what might be an ordinary plot into something with meaning.
My plots are... ordinary.
Or so extraordinary than I can not manage them.
There's no real in between.

Reading was focused strongly on fantasy novels and romance novels. Yes, those romance novels.
I formerly loved stories where there is the basic rules set of a story. Bad guy causes trouble, good guy fights all odds to defeat bad guy, good guy marries princess.

As I have gotten older I find myself seeking tales where the 'bad guy' is just as endearing as the good guy. Where it's hard to tell who you should root for. Where friends reading the same book can take two totally different views on who is going to 'win' in the end, and when they find the answer they so desperately sought there is a sense of closure, but also contemplation.

If I can earn my writing wings back, this is what I hope to evoke in my tales.


I sound old and stodgy but I swear I'm just a college student who works night shift for 7 days in a row and would like my 7 off days afterward to be filled with fantasy sword fights and heart breaking scenes.


Please ignore me I'll find my way around I feel silly waugle.