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Now going from trade to self-published can be difficult because when you are contracted to a publisher, they hold the rights. Some publishers allow authors to self-publish while publishing books with them but many don't. Some have clauses where you cannot self-publish or write for other publishers while having a contract with them.
This is getting into good contract vs. bad contract stuff, but personally I wouldn't sign with a publisher who told me where I could or couldn't publish. They're paying for the rights to publish a specific work or works, and that's it.

Having said that, there are contractual restrictions I'd consider reasonable, but only around related work. (If I choose to publish a novel-length book in the same series with a different publisher, for example, I have to wait a specified period of time before doing so.)

There are bad contracts out there, which is why it's worth doing your homework before signing with a publisher (having an agent can be a MASSIVE help on this front). But a good place to start is not to sign away rights to something that has nothing to do with what the publisher has actually bought.