Greetings! I'm pretty sure this is in the wrong area, but i wasn't able to determine where to post so I made my best guess! Recently it's come to my attention that publishing industries won't want to take my books under their wing (books referring to the current set of series) because the first series have a different set of characters than the second, and both series are interlinked. Likewise i've decided that i'll have to self-publish these series.

If I want to self-publish, i'll have to open up a patreon account dedicated solely to my writing so I can support myself. Since I'm a student at this time, i feel like i should start the patreon account now and build up a profile so by the time i'm out of school, i'll have done something with it. But i'm not sure what I should do.

Likewise, if you self-publish now and want to go the traditional route in the future, are you allowed? How much is the initial cost if you want to hire a professional editor, graphics artist for the cover, etc.?