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If they're good books, publishers want them.
True. But just because publishers want them doesn't mean they'll pick them out of the slush pile. It's nothing against agent and publishers. They're simply inundated with submissions.

In the end, though, the same skills are required in both trade-publishing and self-publishing. You have to write a good book. You have to have clean writing with very few errors (there are exceptions in both worlds, but the stories have to be that much better to compensate). You have to write an effective query or blurb (which are similar but also quite different).

Even general marketing skills apply in both realms. Publishers will obviously do a substantial amount of marketing, but some of it will still be up to you as the author.

The biggest difference is that your gatekeepers are now readers instead of agents and editors if you self-publish. This can work out well for some and not so well for others.