What is the actual problem? Is the amount of characters bothering you? There are books with many POV characters, especially if third person POV is used. If you are using first person POV, then that's more difficult because it's difficult to create so many different voices. The POV character can be anybody in the scene, as long as that serves some purpose. Such as, it's very important to include their thoughts, or the way they see the events. They don't have to be a main, or even a secondary character in the novel, and they may have only one appearance (and even die at the end of the chapter). For example, if you have a terrorist attack happen, you can have the POV of one of the victims that will provide a first hand account of the events, and as such that can provide a huge emotional impact. That's the importance of their POV. Or, you can have the same scene from the POV of one of the other main characters, who is watching the news about the event, and then you'll have a different POV, with a different type of emotion there. It can be just as dramatic, but in a different way. So you choose the POV chatacter depending on what you want to achieve for that scene.