I think you really need to decide whose story this is. So far, I count the story of the rock star, the House-of-Cards-like story of the political operators, the story of the immigrant who was killed ... and then there are some mercenaries, a chip-implanting doctor, and a stockbroker who is in money trouble. That's a lot.

While I can't know until I see the finished product, based on this, I'd say it lacks focus. And you definitely don't need so many close POVs. In fact, I think it would hamper the narrative suspense. As the writer, you might need to know what all of these people are thinking all the time, but the reader doesn't. And sometimes the mystery of what is motivating some of the characters can help add to the tension. (Snipping down the POVs might also keep you from slipping into polemic caricature, which looks like a danger based on these sketches. Not that you can't indulge in such things - Tom Clancy definitely did at times - but a little goes a long way.)

So decide which story you're really telling and refrain from the desire to include every thought in every characters head.