I totally second everything Putputt said upthread.

Checking back with people if you haven't heard from them in a while is a good idea. I've lost track of beta reads, too, especially when there's a queue. Just too many plates to juggle between all the writing stuff and real life.

Some people can't take crit, and it sucks to be them. (We can't get better if we can't take feedback.) All we can do is be glad we're not them, for whatever reason--and remember that we never know what challenges they've faced in their lives to even have come this far. It might be stuff that would bring me to my knees. And the story's not over. Hopefully, they'll get to a better place and be able to take critique.

This actually happened to me once. One gal I read for told me about the whole process for her. When she got my critique, she said she cried for days. She knew she couldn't write--I was telling her all her worst fears were true.

I'm never cruel, but I can be blunt. If it's not working, it's not--and she'd written a thriller with a slow, navel-gazing intro. I left her with some links and videos on the "action prologue" as one writer calls it, and my best advice to help her story conform to genre expectations.

When she wrote me, maybe a month later, she told me all the earlier stuff, and she also said that after she got over the initial shock of the critique, she started to see my points. She looked up what an action prologue was (really, it's not a prologue at all), and she was getting excited about working that into the start of her book. Then she thanked me.

Anyway, the point of all this is that maybe for some people the same thing happens, only slower. And then they're embarrassed to tell you because it's been so long. But we still helped them. Thinking that sort of thing cheers me up.

And I think the first chapter (or x number of words) swap is a good idea. Some people just aren't a great fit. If you want to write like Hemingway, I'm not a good guide. I don't like Hemingway. Not all lit fic writers are good judges of three-act genre. Incompatible story goals can drive the two of you nuts. I'd continue to trade in roughly even chunks if it's your first novel-length swap. I've had the story goal problem crop up later in the relationship as well.