Sorry, gang! I was away on a work trip the first part of this week. I also see I've been transformed into burnt toast in my absence, but I digress...

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Teens selling retweets? Why those little entrepreneurs. I don't understand the mechanics of that one.

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I know, right? Apparently they made little Tweet gangs behind the scenes using TweetDeck, as Lisa mentioned, and they were selling via people basically 'advertising' or trying to go viral via their accounts with massive followers.

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The Verge Twitter has suspended a number of accounts responsible for ‘tweetdecking’
“The accounts were known for stealing jokes or for making tweets go viral with mass retweets”

The Independent Twitter has suspended a number of popular accounts after they were accused of stealing tweets or "tweetdecking" - the practice of mass retweeting posts in order to force them to go viral.

NY Mag Twitter Suspends Some of Its Most Popular and Annoying Accounts

This is Twitter responding to deliberate attempts to artificially leverage re-tweeting, and accounts plagiarizing other accounts. I don't see this as something you could do accidentally and be unfairly penalized for.
Indeed - I saw that whole bit and wasn't worried about getting flagged as one of these Tweetdeckers. Although I swear there's some of that nonsense going on in the writing world - I've seen a handful of accounts in the past all tweeting the exact same nonsense (like every tweet). Small beans compared to these kids, but still annoying. If they catch these troublemakers, I have no issue with that.

I do have qualms about the algorithm that is automatically suspending accounts for suspected self harm or violence. 1) On the self harm side, do we really want to be silencing someone's cry for help? That seems like a bad idea. 2) On the violence side, that's where I thought authors might accidentally get caught in the fray. See further below.

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A way to check your tweets is to search for your Twitter username plus likely words. So I searched for "polenth kill" as one of my searches. I removed a few things where I was talking about killing people (in video games) or hitting people (for martial arts), but the context was not clear in that tweet. People I follow have been banned for "kill me now" used as an idiom, so don't assume it's obvious that you didn't really mean you were going to kill yourself.
Thanks for that data point, Polenth. I had wondered about that. The reason why it's not obvious and they are getting caught is because it's an algorithm and auto suspends based on the algorithm. There isn't a human doing the review. So, ugh. But good to know. And good suggestion for the easy fix. Guess I know what I'll be doing on my Twitter account tonight.

Cathleen, glad this was useful to you as well! I'm just concerned some of us may get caught in the crossfire of this larger kudo.