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Thread: Twitter Algorithm Suspending Accounts - Any Writers Had This Happen?

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    Unhappy Twitter Algorithm Suspending Accounts - Any Writers Had This Happen?

    So...wasn't quite sure where to stick this discussion, but I saw Angela James of Carina Press repost a rather interesting (and alarming) thread discussion on the recent spat of Twitter randomly suspending accounts. Anybody else seen this?


    At first, I was like "oh, well, huh, this doesn't apply so I wonder why an editor is linking to this." Then I kept reading...and kinda went "YIKES!" as I read through the possible examples. (It's Twitter so it's a quick read )

    Mulling over what to do or whether I'd possibly have anything that would affect me. I really don't want to have to search through my blasted tweets to make sure I didn't say something off-the-cuff like "kill me now" in relation to a hard day or trying to get through edits, for example. But I'm sure I have. Question is whether I say enough other trigger words that the Twitter bots handing out suspensions would get me. Because it's not at all like I have conversations with other writers about killing characters, plot bunnies involving evil murderous Brownies, threatened to violently harm other writers for sending me accordion music videos (*cough* ElaineA *cough*) or heck, plotting to murder my spouse on occasion when he does things like eat my ice cream and then refill the container with ice blocks and love post-it notes...


    I'm also scratching my head on the DMCA issue. I completely understand if you uploaded someone's content without their permission. But this doesn't include linking out to YouTube videos posted by the artist channels, right? I would assume not...then again, when one assumes...


    Anyway, this was what was running through my head as I read through this.

    I don't run any promotions yet, so I don't have to worry about that little algorithm tweak-out, but I imagine some others may?

    Also wondering if any AWers have had this happen, or know of fellow writers on Twitter who have had their accounts suspended because of this?

    ETA: This is not meant to appear insensitive to Twitter's intent behind this (though it's clear intent versus execution is a wee bit problematic). I'm just looking at this algorithm suspension issue completely from a writer using Twitter's social platform for her own plot bunny devices perspective.
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