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Thread: The "How Well do YOU Know Your World?" game!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Northborn Swordsman View Post
    What's a key field of science, technology, or study in your world? If you have magic, does it compliment, undermine or have no impact on this field?
    I had a longer version of this answer, but it was starting to get ridiculous

    Hard sciences favor the practical over the theoretical, and most knowledge is based on past research as opposed to experimentation. The scientific method exists (the canons of contention), and there is even a philosophy of science. But very much based in practical concerns, what advancement are needed to keep the Dead civilization running. Engineering, architecture, and metallurgy are all illustrious fields.

    The soft sciences are mostly the dominion of the Trivium, who have a great deal of expertise in psychology, sociology, philosophy, political science, and I guess what you'd call memetics. They are parsimonious in sharing much of this research, and keep their finding mostly internal. There is a certain intersection of disciplines dealing with this world's version of 'magic', which is really just whatever makes the Dead operate. It doesn't really affect other sciences, though is an area of interest and can overlap with a variety of fields unexpectedly.

    Question: Describe a palace your world has. Or at least a very nice building.
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