Well when I think of being a celebrity and they are given book contracts with seemingly little effort. For instance every celebrity with a childrens' book out from Laura Bush to Madonna. I do think it takes a certain kind of experience to chose writing or be chosen by writing. Called. I once worked in a clinic doing the insurance for several years at a big university during grad school in fact. I really got to know the doctors writing letters for them and talking to them about reimbursement etc. And from what I can tell most doctors have a variety of reasons for becoming a doctor. First an foremost ALL of them were good at math at a young age. And whatever was happening in their house poor or rich they all could do calculus III by the end of highschool so it was a review during university and they could get good grades at it. That seemed to be the foundation was achieving Calculus III by 18 years old. But a lot of people do that and don't become doctors. So some said they knew by the time they were 7 years old. Like being gay they just knew. That is eeire to me. Others started out wanting to be vets or botonists and decided that they might as well have a good job out of it. So a love of science in general. And than this other whacky group who came to it round about ways. but they all were good at calculus. For writers I notice a lot have had loss of a parent in childhood like Poe, Shelly or Melville if I am correct. The interesting writers anyway not the writings of rich connected white guys. Since people don't die as easily these days and writers are more common in our culture. I don't know what the forumula is for creating artists. I had a grandmother and aunt who were painters. I have other family members interested in writing. No one is famous or anything. I would still like to think that skills and hard work and talent plus opportunity of a good agent or connection helps become successful. Why we are writers I don't know. I don't think you necessarily have to be miserable. I do think that anything we work at we will make progress.