Hello All! I have been writing in isolation for quite some time and would really love to get to know some other writers. I have tried to join groups before but never really connected with anyone. I need to get feedback and talk to writers who are serious students of the craft. I feel I need at least that to grow.

So if you're interested in exchanging ideas, resources, writing samples; maybe even a group that holds members accountable for producing vs. socializing, although I am a gregarious recluse :-) hit me up and we can chat, maybe get to know one another as writers and souls on a parallel journey.

I am primarily a poet but working hard to get a novel completed. I am also reading, when I can, about plays and screenwriting as well. I have three poetry books published and am a contributing author in an anthology. No spring chicken, but young at heart.

P.S. This is not an ad on Tinder.