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Thread: I suck at grammar, Is anyone using Grammarly pro?

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    I suck at grammar, Is anyone using Grammarly pro?

    So it turns out I have a blind spot for grammar (particularly in dialogue) which is making work hard for betas. I'd also like to learn better grammar, but not necessarily by painstakingly correcting my 70K story. This is probably a stoneable offence on AW and I will brace myself for the pelting, but yeah, are there any short-term quick fixes to make it more easy in large docs (even if it is only to help betas while I get better) or do I have to trust my eyes to catch the mistakes?

    I once asked my Mum why my grammar is so pants and she told me it wasn't "the fashion" to teach it in my formative years. Meh.

    Would grammarly pro help with this?
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