Of all the reversals we've now come to expect as commonplace in US politics, this latest about face by the asshole in charge has me fuming, angry nearly to tears.

The Trump administration has lifted an Obama-era ban on importing legally hunted elephant remains — known as trophies — from Zimbabwe and Zambia...

If that sounds familiar it’s because this is the second time in recent months the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS), a federal agency under the Department of the Interior, has moved to ease trophy import restrictions. This time around, agency head Ryan Zinke — a hunting advocate — appears to be working more discreetly.

I know that in this forum I'm basically preaching to the choir, so there's not ranting and raving that's going to increase further the resistance to this. I do however, humbly, request that if you're in a position to contact your local representatives and encourage them to fight this, to do so. Unseat them, oppose them, do something in upcoming elections to replace those complicit in the destruction of these noble and peaceful beings.

If you're able, the Elephant Crisis Fund is fighting for the lives of these gentle giants, and I understand 100% of the donations received go to the field to help protect the elephants.

Thank you for reading, and helping if you can.