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I guess Radio Four doesn't sound like a smart-ass kid?? I think they have some very good voices available these days, but last time I looked the cost was around $45.
It's much more about the mismatch of accent (which is massively linked to social class over here), register and tone than anything else. They would have characters from any background on Radio Four if the story's good enough (they only broadcast the very best) but it would be read by an actor with the appropriate accent, rather than always in an RP accent. But their default for anything that doesn't require an accent would be this kind of RP. There's more than one type of RP and some people even call this type "BBC English" (other kinds of RP accents sound posher/more upper class) so strong is the association between the accent and the BBC.

Radio Four is BBC's radio station for current affairs. Radio 1 is up to date music aimed at young adults, Radio 2 is music for my age group* (yay!) i.e. oldies but with some of the better new music mixed in, Radio 3 is for classical music, Radio Four is for current affairs and they also do a lot of drama and story readings, the occasional comedy show** etc (Radio Four... because their English is so perfect it feels wrong to put the digit in there), Radio 5 is for sport and Radio 6 is for alternative music, i.e. also aimed at the Radio 1 and 2 age groups but with music that's not so mainstream. Radio Four is the one, as you can imagine, that broadcasts in perfect English while other radio stations have DJs that are valued for their ability to connect with the audience. Radio Four does not have DJs. It has presenters.

*because "Radio 2 age group" sounds so much more positive and life-affirming than "middle age" (ugh)

**like The Infinite Monkey Cage