Okay, so I'm writing a children's play that I'm hoping will be picked up by my local theater for their yearly kid's acting workshop. I've done some playwriting before, but just dipping-my-toes-in sort of stuff, not anything that was actually ever good and finished.

Since I'm a newbie, I have been looking online for help writing children's plays. But most of the results turn out to be help for people writing TYA (Theater for Young Audiences) instead of writing plays specifically intended to be performed by children, which is what *I* need help with.

Now, having performed in children's theater myself in my teens, I already know the big No-Nos--children's theaters don't have big budgets for fancy costumes or elaborate sets. I remember one year when we all wore colored t-shirts and khakis as our costumes. I'm also attempting to write a more ensemble-style play, where every kid gets to say a couple of lines and have a chance to get their big moment on stage. There are four female roles and two male roles, and eleven parts than can be played by either.

Is anyone else writing an children's play? Has anyone had one performed? What are your tips, tricks, and secrets for me?