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The thing that trips me up (and I'm wondering if anyone else has this experience) is that I literally cannot write a scene with a new character until he/she is named. When I plan, I try to name all the major and secondary characters, but I inevitably forget someone or add someone new. And when that character walks on to the stage, until he or she has a name, I can't do a thing with him/her. It's as though they're not "real" in my head until they're named. I don't understand who they are and therefore, can't write about them.

Everyone I mention this to thinks I'm being weird and melodramatic. And then gets annoyed when I reject their suggestions. ("No. 'Tyler' is not the name of a slightly competent local policeman.") My sister even writes with placeholder names and then goes back and fixes it when she's done. But for me, everything comes to a grinding halt until the character has the right name.
Same. And Tyler is clearly the name of a completely incompetent police officer.

I typically choose my character's names by using something that looks/sounds like the mythological character they represent, but for other characters I tend to populate the alphabet. In other words, I might have a few characters that start with the name "A" but nothing for "B." I'll google "boys names that start with B" and start browsing pages until I see something I like. If nothing pops out at me, I'll try another letter.