my experience is as a hardware guy, not so much a software guy. I build computers and have hotrodded/watercooled/overclocked them but the software area i'm not really good with. especially the cloud thing.

I travel quite a bit (i hotel it 2 to sometimes 3 nights a week) and not only use a PC at home, but a notebook on the road and ipad while doing the work bit. I'm a ms Word guy. Ideally, I have three platforms that I can be using at any given time and depending on how smooth the ipad with BT kb works out, I could just move to that for my traveling work, ditch the notebook, since the ipad instant on nature works well for the quick thoughts. (I really need to look hard at chromebook)

However, I have lots of flash work and longer pieces/chapters as well in progress. Currently, I'm scared about using the flash drive all the time and then wondering what version of what document is on what device, besides the fact that they do fail.

What I would rather have is an easy cloud where I turn on whatever platform I'm using, click a sync down button to update from the cloud, then work offline for however long i'm on the device, then sync it back up to the cloud when done and move on the the pc or other device in the same process. Turn on, grab the current versions, work on it, send it back up, with simple clicks without having to open up software, drag and drop and cut n paste, etc. If I ever try to update the cloud with older versions it should tell me so i can decide not to do that. Ultimately, that's the ideal use of the cloud.

So what's your easiest experience you've had with using the cloud for your documents? Any super simple one-click Solutions? I had a very hard time making playlists long ago because i didn't know what it was doing to my mp3s-i just copied and pasted to folders, making multiple copies and burning up space. I don't want to feel i have to do that and wind up in a nest of old versions of garbage.