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Thread: Marion Hammer, the woman we can thank for the modern NRA mess

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kjbartolotta View Post
    I am quite certain this is possible, current feels is that it's not particularly easy. And I worry about people on the left who might adopt or try to play into these tactics. Not that I wouldn't appreciate a little more savviness or the adoption of time-tested emotional hydraulics. But it concerns me.
    I've often questioned whether it's really true that conservatives are more fearful than liberals. I think conservatives and liberals are afraid of different things, but both have plenty of fear. One of the differences is that conservatives appear to be more afraid of bodily harm at the hands of strangers. This is probably why they have been particularly receptive to arguments by the gun lobby that any form of restriction is a violation of the precious freedom to defend themselves. They also appear to be more afraid of an unknown future and of change in unfamiliar directions, where traditional institutions and norms (like religion) will hold less sway, or change beyond recognition. There was something really ugly that surfaced after 911, as if multiculturalism and tolerance became the scapegoat for the destruction of the Twin Towers. The reaction in some quarters to the election of our first Black POTUS also showed us how deeply racism and Xenophobia still run in America. These feelings are likely based on fear.

    Liberals appear to be more afraid of discrimination and of losing certain kinds of personal or physical freedoms and choices. When I was young, I was terrified of the Reagan revolution and what it could mean for my future and my personal plans if they got their way re women's rights and reproductive freedom. I was aware of the inequalities that still existed, and wanted to move forward towards full equality for all, and mainstream society was trying to return to an earlier set of norms. May on the left are more afraid of going back to an era when our second class citizenship was a given and when a very narrow range of behavior and choices were permissible and normalized. I was (and am) also scared of the backlash against environmentalism and what that meant. Liberals are more afraid of environmental change, and ironically, conservatives accuse them of fear mongering on that front.

    But for whatever reason, the fear of change in an unknown direction seems to be a more powerful political force right now than the fear of going back to an era that was truly unjust for most people. And environmental change seem to be too abstract and nebulous a concept to garner a sustained fear reaction in most people, at least so far.

    Mind you, I'd hate to see the Left stoop to the same kind provocation of malignant fear and anger that the Right has been so successful with. I want an appeal to reason and rationality, and an appeal to peoples' better nature, to carry the day in elections. It seems to work sometimes. Obama got elected, after all. But is this feasible right now?
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