Update time! And I had a good writing day today so I actually have things to update.

Provenance by Ann Leckie was very fun and I devoured it. Am now reading the first in Tamora Pierce's Daine series because I decided I needed to reread it before I read the newest one (which I was given as a gift). It made sense to me... even though the newest is chronologically before the old series...

I've done a little bit of transcription, and I'm happy to keep doing it in small spurts. There's no hurry. Sometimes doing this there's inspiration in it ("ooh, now I can actually write I could do this with this!") and sometimes it's just hilarious.

Finished up my secret solstice story today. And, uh, maybe kind of drafted another one... >>

Have done some work on E. Have done some game. Haven't touched M. yet, but overall am quite happy with where I'm sitting.

1. Read five books. 2/5
2. Continue transcription. Little bit.
3. Edit/Finish Secret Solstice story. Yes!
4. Finish E. (novel WIP). Done some writing now at least.
5. Continue game planning. Yes!
6. Edit M. (Book 1) Nope.
7. Min 500 words or 2 pages edited per day (with one dedicated writing day per week). Yes.