Update even though I have, uh, done pretty much nothing. Maybe it'll prompt me into doing stuff >>

I did manage to finish my book at least (Stalking Darkness, Lynn Flewelling). Now Provenance has moved to the front of the queue.

Otherwise, uh, the only thing I've really done is game stuff. I had a public holiday on Monday and intended that to be my writing day, but I stopped editing for lunch and forgot to start again (or rather I forgot to stop playing a game *cough*).

I didn't feel like doing anything yesterday but finally dragged some random words out for a story. Those words are probably getting chucked, but they did prompt a proper story idea so that's good at least. I will, uh, start my writing day now. And do some real work...

1. Read five books. 1/5
2. Continue transcription. Nothing yet.
3. Edit/Finish Secret Solstice story. Kind of started?
4. Finish E. (novel WIP). Nope.
5. Continue game planning. Yes!
6. Edit M. (Book 1) Nope.
7. Min 500 words or 2 pages edited per day (with one dedicated writing day per week). Somehow, yes.