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And pink handguns to appeal to a woman's feminininininty and girlyness.
The women I've known who are into shooting would be as insulted at the concept of a pink, glittery line of "girl" guns as women in general were by the infamous "bic for her" pens.

These strategies make me think of the advertising campaigns in the mid 20th century to encourage women to smoke, and the "Joe Camel" and similar campaigns in the later 20th century to try to get kids to think smoking was cool again. In spite of the first Amendment, they managed to ban smoking ads on television and completely banned cigarette ads and products aimed at kids. They could do the same thing with guns, which also pose a public health risk.

Even if one interprets the second Amendment as pertaining to individual rights to bear arms, and not in the context of a militia, none of the constitutional rights is absolute and in all circumstances. There are limits of free speech, otherwise the government couldn't pass laws against doctors asking their patients if there are guns in the house, and it wouldn't be illegal to yell fire in a public space.