Nic - glad you got the rough days behind you and some solid work following. (and … ahem. There's one county in NH that is supposed to be the, er, 'kissing cousins' capital of the US. fwiw…)

April - likewise, take a nice break. & give the sheep a cuddle for me - unless they're smelly & mean…

Magnus! Good to see you

reeness - sounds like tha beak was just the thing you need. I spect your reserved parking space at the 1K club is right next to Ap123's

DL - congrats on the 1/2 hour. Sounds like a victory to me

Lakey - enjoy the snow day! (It's so cozy!)

Taylor, congrats on getting close to 1K

Xelenic - ha! we're here shoveling. Enjoy the sun!!

Esmae - (((hugs))) I like my dentist, but I hate going to the dentist. & congrats on another scene down!

Keithy, good to see you, glad to hear you're working again

Day 13 - wonderful storm here & a mostly unstructured day except that I've been restless because of lot of things being up in the air, so I just went with it and started my day with some tidying instead of with writing. Housemate phone call at noon, then… SHOVELING… it's the Heavy Stuff.

& it looks like I'm taking a pass on adding words to my WIP, but the little tidying projects have been great. (Paper sorting/pitching; consolidating several pages of stickies in to a spreadsheet & the like - lot of organizing)