thereeness: Congrats on finishing the draft that is an accomplishment! Giving one project all your attention just means there are no distractions to take away from the quality of your work.

April: I would love to be in Scotland with the sheep. My husband and I have talked about going there so many times, but alas, I've never even been out of the country. When I'm feeling hopelessly blocked, I try to find a book or short story written in either an unusual style or format and try to imitate it, not the story, but the style or format such as write a chapter with eight paragraphs containing eight sentences of eight words each. It sounds crazy and the work usually goes into the bin, but it gets me writing, and eventually inspiration comes.

Magnus: Glad to see you back.

DL: I like that fortune. I know what you mean about wishing I could carve out more time, but between work, dinner, talking to my husband for an hour or so (he's over the road during the week), there's just never enough. I guess we just have to take what we can get. Good luck on the short.

Keithy: Glad to see you're swimming again.

Lakey: To me, anything related to writing counts. Hope you find your inspiration again soon.

Taylor: Congrats on the 1k. One of my instructors, who I have a lot respect for, once told our class "don't give up because everyone tells you how talented you are but you keep getting rejection letters, and don't give up because you don't believe you're talented enough. In my experience, those I thought had the most talent failed and those I thought had the least talent succeeded because one gave up and other never did."

Esmae: Glad you got another scene down. I can't imagine anyone liking the dentist. You get a free pass.

Layla: Sounds like a pretty productive day. I don't envy you having to shovel snow. We don't get much snow here, but when we do, what a mess it makes. I can't say that I'm a big fan of snow. It's pretty, but here it's more headache than anything. Not enough equipment to clear the roads effectively, and few know how to drive in it.

533 words. Most of my time went to finalizing the proposal with the cabinet guy. Who knew that having someone come in and custom build your cabinets would save you a few thousand over buying prefab. It's crazy.