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Thread: It's time to go back to work, but I can't work... help!

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    Sometimes when crap starts coming from all sides, it makes sense to stop all writing for weeks and months, until one manages to deal with the crap. Even if it's just fixing oneself to the point that life again has the needed 10-20% surplus of energy beyond sheer survival, and that can go into writing and stuff.

    It's tempting to treat external forces as "a distraction" which has to be dealt with "as quickly as possible" in order to plunge back into "what really matters", but sometimes this only brings more crap.

    Entropy tends to collect in every system over time, and one's life is one such system. So when entropy starts flooding in from every direction, this may be a sign that it really is time to put aside "what really matters" for as long as it takes, and instead focus on driving the entropy in one's life back down to manageble levels. Redirection of all avaliable brain power as a temporary investment into self.

    "How you lived your life" is also a valid standard of measurement, not only "did you achieve X when and how you intended?".

    In some situations health is not so much about "cure", as in "return to earlier better condition", but rather about "management" and "accepting the new situation and being smart about it". Same with other life crises.

    Once a new balance has been found, with its restrictions and possibilities, and entropy has been tamed, for now, then "the thing that really matters" will again be a joyful thing. IMO.


    Even today medical care tends too frequently to follow the old timey "nationalist-corporate" matrix in the sense that it is deemed to have achieved "success" if it has patched one up to the extent of "back to work you go". Can't have the assembly line slowing down because some peon feels off, and so on.

    So beyond this "back to the front" patching up, frequently real rational self-management is the only way of achieving a true working balance. Research, research, research. Experiment, apply, throw out, retain. Each person at some point needs a personal self-management program assembled by oneself, as an alternative to the "sudden crashes and patching up" cycle. Good luck, OP!
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