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OK- I just got confused, remembering your older posts where you mentioned having finished a manuscript and that editors said it was rubbish, and then you said 'we' were trying to restrict the POV to 5.

Most screenwriters are pretty clear in expressing things.

It certainly is a switch moving from screenwriting to writing novels. Good luck.
Bufty I am sorry if I was unclear in any way. What part came across as confusing. The fact that the editors thought it was a lousy manuscript or that I said "we" as in, an editor and I are working to fix the problems. I have some friends still in the business and ask for favors from time to time. I also hired a wonderfully kind and giving editor to help me through the POV issues. I really wouldn't say hired because the work she has done for the small fee doesn't seem adequate. Amazingly talented woman. I will keep writing but fear that the first MS is going to be shelved. Maybe I'll get it on the second time around. if there is anything I have not clarified please let me know and I'll try to express myself better. I humbly come to AW in total amazement. The kind, talented, hardworking, writers taking time out of their day to help a first time writer like myslef truly makes me smile. I can only promise to return the favor once I get myself in the spot to offer assistance. Thank you for your time.