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Thread: What is your opinion on multiple POVs (3rd person)

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    What is your opinion on multiple POVs (3rd person)

    Hi, I've written a speculative fiction novel, and I've been told to "watch out for multiple POVs"--that agents (and readers) hate them.

    For my novel I use them a few times because I want the reader to get a small taste (not an information dump) of the characters' back-stories, inner thoughts, and, especially, feelings towards my MC. This information is highly relevant, but the reader will not understand how it all ties together until the end of the novel. Also, I feel like it would be awkward for a tough character, for example, to admit that she conflicts with the MC because she reminds her of herself when she was younger; on the other hand, she can have an inner conversation or memory about something she did in the past that was "pathetic" from her point of view now.

    I'm curious how others feel about this? Do you agree with "watch out" and "everyone hates them" or do you find them useful and not to be avoided at all costs?

    Thanks for your thoughts.
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